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Founded in FoCo: A Talk with Brittany Dawson

A conversation with Nick Armstrong on training best practices.

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Should You Consider a Big Career Change? This General Assembly Bootcamp Grad and Her Coach Say “Yes!”

Girlboss spoke with General Assembly career change coach Brittany Dawson and a recent GA grad about how to change careers into tech.

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HighView: Networking 101

Brittany spoke at HighView, the world's first student accelerator, to offer practical tips on networking and engaged students in a robust conversation in a room of 70+ participants.



Dress For Success Denver x The Adecco Group

Brittany led the Dress for Success Worldwide community through an interactive workshop.

During October's Themed Month of Learning, in “From Anxious to Anchored” attendees learned to develop the power of storytelling and how to articulate their experience and expertise during the interview process. 

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