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Training & Workshops

Workshops last 90-120 minutes and are best experienced in person. Sessions can be adapted to a virtual audience. 


All topics can be customized to your company and industry. 

Navigating Impact: A Masterclass on Strategic Planning

Ready to elevate your strategic planning game and steer your organization towards greater impact? Join this dynamic masterclass designed specifically for corporate leaders like you!

Learn how to create a mission-centric roadmap that aligns your organizational goals and strategies to execute.

The Greatest Place to Work: Creating a Sense of Welcoming & Belonging

Learn strategies to create a culture of inclusivity, acceptance, and belonging. After all, the greatest place to work are spaces where employees feel seen, have opportunities to make a difference, and feel supported by management. Explore how to create the best place to work!

From Talk to Action: How to Run Effective Meetings

Let's face it: meetings have lost its spark and significance. Learn a practice methodology to run effective meetings to get things done. Results Based Facilitation is a specific, hands-on method that enables people to practice the skills for getting different and better results in their meetings and conversations. The method is useful in one-on-one conversations, small groups, and large groups whether you are a meeting participant or meeting facilitator.

Breaking Free From Imposter Syndrome

According to the Journal of Internal Medicine and The American Psychological Association, over 80% of adults describe feeling as though they haven't earned what they've achieved. This causes people to not take risks and ultimately, lose confidence at work and in life. Explore how to tame the voice of Imposter Syndrome to bring out the BEST in your team!

Don't see a workshop? Schedule a 1:1 to explore how we can customize your next engagement.

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